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Alamo Little League

Frequently Asked Questions



What are the divisions of play and what are normal game days?

Little Major baseball – age 8-10 – boys – Tu,Th

Little Major softball – age 8-10 – girls – Tu, Th

Major baseball – age 11-13 – boys – M, W

Major softball – age 11-13 – girls – M, W



How is League Age determined?

Boys – age on 8/31

Girls – age on 12/31


When do practice and games begin?

Games will begin on Tuesday September 8 and conclude Friday October 9


Practice will begin Monday August 24th.  Teams mostly practice on the same day as game days; but due to limited fields some practices are on non-game days.


When will I know what team my child is on?

Players will be placed on a team during the week of August 24th


Are siblings placed on the same team?



What do I do if I have not heard from my child’s coach?

 E mail [email protected]


Can my child play above or below the age appropriate division?

Players are occasionally placed above or below the normal division for their age based on their ability or other factors.  Due to safety concerns and the need to have appropriate numbers on each team this will need to be approved by the coaches involved and the division director.


 How will I know when games are cancelled for inclement weather?

You coach will let you know.  We try to cancel games by 4:30 pm.


What time do games begin?

All games begin at 6:00 pm.